De afgelopen tijd heb ik meerdere en vooral bijzondere dingen mogen doen. Niet alleen 1 op 1 transformatie sessies maar ook trainingen en workshops in groepsverband. 



"I hired Sandra for a kick off session for my academy at the start of the new academic year 2018-2019.

We are currently in the process of a major curriculum overhaul which will change our students’ learning process considerably.

We felt the need to wake up our colleagues to a new way of teaching that is closely connected to facilitating and so to start viewing themselves in a new role.

Sandra managed to connect to all participants present, even the ones who were hesitant about the imminent changes, and led them through a series of exercises that had the envisaged impact.

She coached them to start being more present with themselves and to tune in to their own needs first. She made the impact with respect that was needed and appreciated.

It has also given the team a unique experience which has given a positive boost to our development process. I am confident that Sandra will bring that little extra what is needed in any future collaboration! "

Robin Pereboom

Developing International Business Programme

Avans University of Applied Sciences


1 on 1

"I can highly recommend Sandra. When I started working at ASIS I was lucky enough to have Sandra as my coach. I was already an experienced teacher, but my skills have increased considerably due in a large part to her excellent (didactic) skills.

As a coach Sandra is optimistic and motivating while also challenging and staying focused on the desired results. She was patient in explaining what I needed to know and listening to me even when she already had a heavy workload. I especially appreciate that she is up for a challenge and goal-oriented, but does not forget the relationship side of her work.

Higher education can be very stressful and Sandra deals with the pressure with jokes and discussions about the problem rather than non-productive alternatives. I always felt that I knew what was expected of me and the rest in the team.

Also, I often teach students who had Sandra previously and hear year after year that they appreciate her as a teacher. She knows how to make a lesson interesting. High praise from first year university students! I have seen Sandra use those same skills in presenting to larger groups at graduation ceremonies, introductions, etc. and enjoy her presentation and master of ceremony skills.

She has an ability to sound as if she is speaking to individuals even when addressing several hundred people."

Veronica Gallagher

International Learning & Development Specialist 

EFT workshop

De Bewustzijn School 

Very beautiful and enriching session, the teacher offers theory, experience and practical technique about the EFT method that you can take home, in an exciting and understandable way.

The teacher is comforting, fun, and gives you the freedom to speak or stay quiet as you like.

I wish there would be more classes! And her drawing and handwriting skills are better than she thinks ;)


Participant EFT workshop